How does an Automated Mindray Cell Counter Works?

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September 16, 2021

How does an Automated Mindray Cell Counter Works?


We are aware of what blood is and its importance for living organisms but what not everyone might not know is its composition. It consists of form elements with 45% of consistency and plasma which helps in making the blood flow, forming the rest composition. 

The formed element consists of red blood cells (RBCs/ Erythrocytes), white blood cells (WBSs/ Leucocytes), and platelets (thrombocytes). In all cases, a Mindray Cell Counter in India calculates the number of cells present in the area to see if it is between the ideal ranges or not to ensure that everything is perfectly fine with the sample.

Therefore an automated Mindray BC 2800 in India or hematology analyzer is a machine that automatically counts the blood cells from the given blood sample and displays the count as a result. 

Principle and working of Mindray Cell Counter:

The standard method of measuring the blood cells is a microscope. This is a screening tool that automatically differs between normal and abnormal samples to ensure that both are separated and abnormal samples get deeper microscopic study to find the cause.

The principle behind it is the traditional calculation methodology of Electrical Impedance. Till today, it is used in every analyzer as a core working tool.  

In Mindray 3000 in India, the entire blood sample passes through the area between two electrodes where the area is so small that only one cell can pass at a time. When every cell passes through this, the impedance varies depending upon the cell volume.

This is how cells are counted in respect of their volume and the electrical impedance method can be utilized to calculate CBC’s.

To work out on the calculation over the cell through Mindray BC 30s in India, three directions of light are focused on:

  • FS (Forward Small Direction 0.8 ~ 3 degrees): This system gives information related to blood cell volume. 
  • FL (Forward Large Direction 7~ 11 degrees): This defines the blood cell’s complexity and related information. 
  • SS (Side Direction Scatter 90 degree): This is used to find the blood cell’s granularity measure. 

The combination of all these three measures gives an accurate rate of the five parts of WBC’s. 

There are many outstanding Mindray machines and equipment available which can help out with the above process easily. Gathering the best machines that suit the requirements which can be very beneficial can sort out more samples quite easily and accurately.  

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